Parent involvement increases student achievement and self-esteem.

Cup Stacking

Teamwork training


6 to 15 paper cups or plastic cups, rubber bands, 4 to 6 12" strings/yarns

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • Together with your children to discuss how to stack the cups in a pyramid shape. No body parts should touch the cups
  • Place the cups upside down on the table
  • Everyone gets 1 string
  • Guide your children to come up with the idea of building a device using the rubber band and strings
  • Also let them tell you how to build the pyramid. Try 6 cups first: In the order of 3 - 2 - 1 pattern
  • If a cup falls over or drops on the floor, you can ONLY use the device to pick up the cups
  • If your children are ready to give up, encourage them to see if they can improve the device or the grabbing method
  • After successfully building the pyramid, together to discuss the moments of failure and success
  • Discuss together why teamwork is so important for this activity
  • If your children would like to build a taller pyramid, ask
    • how many more cups they need
    • how to build
  • If your children would like to make the game more challenging, turn the cups right side up on the table

Besides teaching your children about teamwork and not giving up, this game also lets your children use math and physics to complete the challenge.

Cup Stacking Game Yarn


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